Toolcat 5600 2008 Wont go into gear

Toolcat 5600 2008 Wont go into gear Problems

I have a Toolcat 5600 from 2008 that won’t move.When I lower the arm, the hydraulics are activated and allow me to operate the arm, but it does not go into gear, neither forward nor backward.I have read somewhere that people have had these same problems but I have not found a solution to my problem yet.However, it started intermittently but is now becoming more common when I am trying to use it.Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

So when the armrest is lowered you can operate the hydraulics and raise the arm?It appears that the armrest switch (TICS = Jack Interlock Control System) works because the hydraulics are activated.It looks like the valve to release the brakes and open the actuation hydraulics maybe the issue ….. OR the forward / reverse switch is not working.

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