Bobcat Toolcat 5600 Fuel Filter Issues

Bobcat Toolcat 5600 Fuel Filter Issues Problems

I knew something was wrong when my full fuel tank was drained in half an hour with an alarm to notify. I was able to get the Bobcat Toolcat 5600 in the shed and picked it up to remove the damaged fuel filter. The auto parts guy an hour away sold me a replacement WIX filter. The WIX filter had minimal graphics to aid installation.

The toolcat started for 2 seconds and shut down with the alarms on I thought the filter would fill with fuel but apparently it was a very bad assumption The old damaged filter noticed it was filling the fuel filter. I wish I had seen this before.

Old and damaged filter you could tell the filter was filling with fuel, wish I had seen it sooner.

At the top of the fuel filter head is a brass bleed screw, loosen that screw and pump with the primer bulb until fuel comes out then tighten the screw. If it still does not start, locate the screw that holds the steel fuel line that feeds the injection pump, loosen the screw that holds that line, and then pump the primer bulb until the fuel flows without air. These 2 steps will purge the air from the fuel lines without pumping air through the injection pump.

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