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Top 10 Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas

Disclaimer: This article contains links, some of which are affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, we might receive a small commission so we can continue to create more free content. All the products and brands recommended have either been used by us or properly researched  before mentioning them. Thank you for your support!

It’s the time of the year where we like to give something back to the people we love. 

You might wonder what gift you can choose as a vegan that makes you and the other person happy. 

Why not give something useful, something of value, and something that has been produced without harming animals or the environment?

Vegan food, auch as chocolate, is a great choice as it’s tasty and will be enjoyed a lot. Reusable items that can be applied in our everyday lives and reduce the amount of daily waste are another good option. 

Enabling someone to learn more about cooking and how to prepare new and exciting recipes, for example with an online cooking course, can be another useful and sustainable gift. 

Here are our recommendations for Vegan Christmas Gifts:

Vegan Christmas Cookies

Gift Your Own Homemade Christmas Cookies (for free)

What’s a better way to show someone that he or she means a lot to you then by crafting something with your own hands? It’s a true sign of appreciation as you took the time to bake delicious little treats for the other person.

One of the easiest, simplest and most valued gifts you can make is creating some beautiful and tasty Christmas cookies for this time of the year.

Cookies are shared among family and friends when you sit together. They are a way to connect over a conversation, when telling stories or finishing a wonderful dinner evening.

Here in Germany, as in many countries, it’s a tradition to bake and then share your own homemade cookies with people who are important in your life.

There are so many recipes out there, and you can go for any exciting flavors and shapes that you find best suited. You can even show how much you care if you take the preference of the giftee into account.

Does he or she like fruity flavors? Go for strawberry thumbnail cookies. Is he or she gluten intolerant? Make some flavorsome gluten-free cookies from almonds, dates, or other ingredients. Do they like chocolate? Make sure to have some rich chocolate flavor in there.

Then, wrap them nicely or add them to a gift box, and voilà, you have a very personal and much appreciated gift.

One of our personal favorites are these delicious vanilla crescents, in German we call them “Vanillekipferl”.

They only need a few key ingredients, little preparation, and taste simply amazing.

Have A Tree Planted For Someone Else ($1 and up)

Gifts don’t always have to be something to be consumed. On the contrary, giving something for a good and symbolic cause can have an even greater value.

Planting a tree, for example. You donate to have a new tree planted in someone’s name, and then give him a special christmas gift card stating his contribution to our planet.

Trees are making our planet liveable, they filter the air and play an important role in sustaining our ecosystem.

Gifting to plant a tree carries a strong symbolic value: “We value our planet, we want to help protect our planet, and I share this with someone special“.

There are several organizations offering to plant trees, so find the right one for you. Simply have a quick Google search and find an organization that you find trustworthy and genuine.

Here are a few of the organizations we found:

Gift A High-Quality Vegan Chocolate (from $5 up)

Everyone loves chocolates. Well, maybe not everyone, but it might be close to 99% of all people.

Good chocolate not only charms your tastebuds but it also connects you with your loved ones. Sharing a piece of chocolate with someone else creates happiness, and enjoying it together means sharing a moment of

What should you look out for in a good vegan chocolate?

Well, ingredients are an important part. In our opinion, you’re always better off buying organic vegan chocolate. This chocolate usually has better and more sustainable ingredients. Make sure there is no refined white sugar included, and preferably go for chocolate with a better type of sugar, e.g. coconut blossom sugar.

Regarding the taste and flavor combination, this is really up to you and what catches your eye. From our personal experience, it seems that women prefer the milder chocolate with a content of 55% to 75%, while men enjoy the darker and more bitter chocolate better, from 75% to 95%.

Watch out for palm oil. Even though organic vegan chocolate is usually palm-oil free, read the labels and avoid chocolate using palm oil.

And it’s a good idea to look for chocolate with a fairtrade label. Instead of being left to the fluctuating changes in prices and demand, fairtrade chocolate farmers get a steady and fair price for their chocolate to protect them and their community from an unforeseen negative events (1).

Even though helping others by buying fair products should be encouraged all year round, especially around Christmas time, it’s the time of giving back.

Here you find some ideas for vegan chocolate:

Gift A Vegan And Organic Soap Bar (from $5 up)

They smell wonderful, they look beautiful, and they are useful as well. Gifting a vegan and organic soap bar is a nice little gift that will be highly appreciated by everyone.

Whether you choose a citrusy aroma, a fresh hint of lemongrass, or a fruity orange smell…you’ll most certainly find something that you find enjoyable.

There are plenty of options and you can go to your local organic supermarket, drug store, or browse online.

When looking for a soap bar, make sure to buy vegan, organic, and without plastic, so you can make sure it’s most sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Gift A Set Of Reusable Grocery Bags (from $10 up)

Living vegan also means living more sustainably. 

Unfortunately, the way we shop and consume in nowadays society is based around lots of plastic and packaging. Even when living vegan, you usually won’t come around vegetables and fruits being packed in plastic. 

So why not give some reusable grocery bags?

Instead of using new plastic bags to weigh the vegetables, or picking the plastic-wrapped fruits, take your reusable grocery bags and fill all of your fruits and veggies in there unpacked. 

This way, you can take a small but important step in reducing plastic pollution. 

These can be a nice and quite practical gift for Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion.

Reusable Grocery Bags from Kwiyo - $14.95

Gift A Reusable Coffee Or Tea Cup (from $10 up)

Another really useful and sustainable gift is a reusable cup. Why buying a coffee at the train station if you can simply bring your homebrewed one?

The best thing: it saves you money and you won’t need to throw away another paper cup. Plus, depending on the type of cup, you can simply close it, stack it into your bag, and drink from later.

You can choose from many different sizes, colors and shapes, simply have a look at a local organic supermarket or home decoration store.

It’s especially a nice gift for someone who commutes a lot or travels regularly.

Gift A Vegan Recipe Cookbook (from $15 up)

Another perfect gift is a vegan recipe ebook. Not only does it help with cooking great food, it also looks beautiful and can be wrapped nicely into gift wrap.

There are tons of options available, and you can start by looking in your nearby bookstore or simply shop online.

How to find the right book? Well, for one, find the topic that you find most suitable. Does he or she like sweets, desserts, or rather savory dishes? Do they already have lots of experience, or are just starting out? Should the recipes be easy or complex? Should it be a special cuisine from far away or some local recipe collection?

By answering these questions, you’re already on your way of finding the right topic. And, let’s be honest, also trust your feeling. If you like the design and the look, if the chef seems likable, then go for that.

We personally can recommend the following two books from Deliciously Ella and Gaz Oakley. In them, you find creative, diverse and easy recipes for every day.

Gift A Chef's Knive (from $15 up)

One of the single most important kitchen tools is a sharp and high quality chef’s knife. It can be a great vegan gift for anyone who wants to be more active in the kitchen.

And especially as a vegan, cutting vegetables and fruits becomes one of your main tasks when preparing for a healthy and delicious meal.

A dull knife can be frustrating to work with, and a low-quality knife will make cooking a lot less enjoyable. Mushy and squashed tomatoes are just one of the many annoying results of a bad knife.

What should you look out for in a chef’s knife? To be honest, there is not one single answer as many factors come into play.

Here is an overview of some important aspects:

Balance – For one, the right balance is important. This means that the blade and the handle are of equal weight and can be balanced easily in your hand without one part feeling too light or too heavy. It should balance on your fingers right when you hold it where the blade and handle meet.

Weight – In general, a heavier knife can be considered a better choice since the force pulling down the knife helps with cutting. Also, it might feel better in your hand if the knife is a little heavier.

Size – Chef knives come in many different sizes with the length and height of the blades varying quite a bit. A good starting point is an 8-inch (20 cm) knife as it gives you enough room for cutting and chopping all sorts of vegetables.

Feel – In the end, it all comes down to the way the knife feels in your hand. If you can’t test it in a store, simply have a look at the reviews and see how other people judge the handling and feel of the knife.

Price – Lastly, price is another  factor to consider. You can find relatively affordable knives up to expensive premium knives. Don’t let price be the prime decision if you want to make a gift, rather go for a combination of all the different aspects. Again, go for what suits you best.

As our personal knife, we use a Zwilling chef’s knife, but even there you’ll find many different options from that brand alone. There are many other good brands so have a look around, read the reviews from other people, and pick the one that you find would be the best gift.

Believe me (speaking from my own experience), anyone who enjoys cooking would be really happy about a beautiful and high-quality chef’s knife.

Online Cooking Course Gift Card

1. Gift A Vegan Online Cooking Course (from $25 up)

Learning how to cook and cooking for the people in your life can be one of the biggest joys. We’re talking from experience. We both love to cook and to share our homemade meals with our family.

Of course, you could go for a local cooking school, but chances are there’s no school near you and if there is, you might not find what you’re looking for. 

Therefore, you can make someone the gift of joining an online vegan cooking school, like our school here at Veecoco. 

At Veecoco, you find several vegan online cooking courses with professional chefs around the world, covering different cuisines and topics to make sure there’s something for everyone. 

You can give someone access to all existing courses for 1 to 12 months. Not only will the lucky person get access to all courses that are currently live, but all the other upcoming cooking courses as well.

From Italian, Japanese, Desserts, to Raw Food, Vegan Cheese and more, you can learn whatever you’re interested in and start applying your knowledge right away.

So you make sure you spend beautiful dinner evenings with the people that you love, enjoying fantastic vegan food that brings you all even closer together.

Gift A Good Food Processor Or Blender (from $50 up)

Once you start to get serious in the kitchen with your vegan food, you’ll soon realize how important a blender is. 

Having no blender at all or a weak blender can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming. Trust us, we’ve been making date and almond cake crusts with mediocre blenders that took us almost 20 minutes, opening the lid and scraping down the dough every minute until it finally becomes small and sticky. 

And honestly, in so many vegan recipes and cuisines, you’ll need a well-working blender that gets the job done quickly and efficiently. No matter if you’re making raw vegan cheesecakes, nut milk, cake dough, smoothies, or cookies, it’s almost always handy to have a strong blender or food processor at hand.

If you want someone special in your life to enjoy vegan cooking way more and have an easier time in the kitchen, gifting him or her a great food processor or blender would be one fantastic option. 

So what’s the difference between a blender and a food processor? Simple. A blender is usually higher with a smaller blade at the bottom which is best used for liquids. A food processor tends to be wider, have longer and more curved blades and is used mostly for making solid ingredients smaller and combining them into one thick mixture. 

What should you look out for? Well, there are a couple of points here. First, the power of the blender or food processor is important. From our experience, a blender should have at least 1.000 W, or even better 1.500 W. Having a blender or food processor with less power could mean that you won’t be able to mix certain ingredients, or that it will take a long time. 

Second, the size of the blender and food processor is crucial. Smaller ones tend to be cheaper, but you can easily reach the limit when filling them up with the ingredients you need for making a raw vegan cheesecake, almond milk, or anything else. 

And thirdly, you can choose a single blender or food processor, or a set that combines both. We’d recommend the second option, as both the blender and the food processor tend to be used for different tasks in the kitchen.

We use a combination from Ninja (shown below) with which we’ve made a really great experience so far. It’s powerful, versatile, durable, easy to use and clean.

Remember, a food processor or blender is an investment, and even though it might seem a little pricey at first, good quality pays off in the long run.