Bobcat Toolcat 5600

Bobcat Toolcat 5600

Your job requires power and precision. With the Bobcat Toolcat 5600, you get the perfect balance of both. The power to handle more than 40 implements can only be matched by the unrivaled maneuverability of all-wheel steering. Add in the ability to haul up to 2,000 pounds of payload and tow up to 4,000 pounds, and it’s easy to see how the Toolcat 5600 will quickly become the most widely used machine in your fleet.

Standard features

  • Work lights
  • Auxiliary hydraulics
  • Bob-Tach hitch system
  • Joystick control
  • Hydrostatic transmission

The Bobcat Toolcat 5600 Series is the first skid-steer loader to feature true four-wheel independent suspension, making it a unique machine. This provides top-of-the-line comfort while maximizing traction, implement performance and cornering. Four-wheel independent suspension is especially beneficial when mowing, spraying, pushing snow, or just riding rough terrain comfortably. Insulating the wheels and the independent suspension frame increases the wheel contact with the ground, which absorbs better impacts to help maintain a constant mowing height, improve traction and reduce travel time thanks to a smoother ride.

So how does the Bobcat Toolcat 5600 ride smoothly while still having a 2,000 pound payload or 1,500 pound rated operating capacity? The answer is specially designed bump stops integrated into the suspension system to help maintain desired lift capacity.

The new Bobcat Toolcat 5600 Series also features a full-time all-wheel drive system designed with an emphasis on performance, while offering operation for a variety of conditions. Unique limited-slip differentials constantly monitor tractive effort, supplying torque to all four wheels and automatically managing the distribution of that power to respond to ground conditions. Whether you need to push through mud and snow, maintain traction to minimize turf damage, or drive uphill, the machine will automatically detect where traction can be obtained and transfer power there.

To further increase operator productivity, we have added a power management feature to the Bobcat Toolcat 5600 that balances the distribution of power between the implement and the traction system. For example, if operators are blowing snow and encounter a deeper drift, it will take longer for the implement and machine to get through it. Power management automatically makes the necessary adjustment, adapting drive train and implement requirements to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity. This feature is a great advantage in conditions such as mowing heavy brush, tillage, or working on slopes.

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In addition to power management, the Bobcat Toolcat 5600 drive system also features Work Mode, which offers more precise control of travel speed when fine movements are required. Other traction system features that help provide smooth operation include on-the-fly two-speed shifting, cruise control, and hydrostatic braking, which is more efficient and comfortable than conventional braking systems.

Maneuverability is one of the main reasons operators choose the Bobcat Toolcat 5600, according to Gilles. Its four-wheel steering capability offers a tighter turning radius than most ATVs. This type of performance allows operators to mow around trees, walk trails, or move material in tight spaces such as corrals or between buildings on a college campus. Essentially, it allows them to work in areas that they could not with teams of the same size and capabilities.

Four-wheel steering also makes the Bobcat Toolcat 5600 ideal for lawn work. With each axle sharing the same steering angle, sharp turns on grass and improved surfaces do little to no damage. Along with work mode and dynamic braking, all-wheel steering enables operators to perform the precise maneuvers they need for the most meticulous jobs.

The Toolcat is packed with Bobcat innovations that make it very agile, providing more operator confidence when working in those tight spaces or in sensitive terrain conditions.

The Bobcat Toolcat 5600 is called a utility work machine for its versatile range of attachments. There are over 38 attachments available, including mowers, snow blades and blowers, augers, angle brooms, buckets, cultivators, and paddle forks, to name a few. Not only is the selection wide, but the attachments can be mounted at the front, giving the operator excellent visibility of the work area.

Bob-Tach’s standard mounting system allows operators to change implements in less than a minute and requires no additional assistance or tools. From homeowners with land to landscaping managers to municipalities, customers will find the attachment for the job and the way to put the Bobcat Toolcat 5600 to work.

The Toolcat utility work machine, with its lifting, towing and towing capabilities, not only transports two workers and all the tools they need for a job, it can complete the task at hand. The standard two-inch receiver hitch and 4,000-pound towing capacity can easily meet most maintenance-related towing requirements. Its 1,500 pound ROC allows it to easily lift and dump more dirt, rock, mulch and other materials than compact tractors of the same size. There is also room to transport tools like mowers and blowers, or materials like mulch or dirt, in the hydraulic dump box of work machines, which has a 2,000 pound payload capacity.

Operating the Bobcat Toolcat 5600 is a comfortable experience. With an automotive-style cab, sloped steering wheel, and truck-like foot pedal operation, putting the machine to work is more intuitive and less intimidating than other types of compact equipment. For optimal operator comfort, customers can choose a closed cab with heating and air conditioning, a CD player and keyless start.

Bobcat Toolcat

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I have owned skid steer loaders / tractors in the past, but bought a Bobcat Toolcat 5600 about a year ago. In general it is a very practical machine but it is not a machine for specific use. For me, as a playground owner, it comes in handy for cutting weeds, shoveling snow, yard work, firewood, etc. My favorite feature is that I can do all those tasks with the family in the cabin.

Bobcat S185 skid steer before this Bobcat Toolcat 5600. The Toolcat cannot lift as much or as high as the skid steer loader, but the cab comfort, handling, top speed and versatility of the Toolcat outweigh those negatives for me. Skid steer loaders are not good in the mud and a Toolcat is not a champion either, but I do notice a noticeable improvement with the Toolcat, probably due to the longer wheelbase and the fact that you can turn the wheels to get out of the ruts.

I have a Bobcat Toolcat 5600T, and we use a Protech of 10 feet of thrust / traction on it. A toolcat will be better than a loader with the same push box any day of the week. You get a much better traction with the Toolcat, and you can turn with a box full of snow. It only needs about 1500 pounds of ballast at the back, we put half a salt palette in bags on it, along with the back door spreader, and you can not beat in small batches.

We use the Toolcat in lots of any size, and run around the trucks and skate chargers. A skate with the box full, loses the traction and can not move. I would buy the Toolcat. I thought that ours would remain standing most of the summer, but we use it all the time for several tasks. It is super nice to have the download beds.

I have a 5600T (“D”) and, ironically, I am considering the addition of a skate. Certainly, if you were doing a lot of residential work where the distances can be very narrow, it would probably opt for another TC due to superior visibility. However, I do some rather long sections of “mountain subdivision”; Road where, the IMO, the rear visibility is not so critical. I ‖ I like my TC and I think the concept is ultra-cool.

But the honeymoon is over after the first year with this creature. Considering all these problems, would you buy one to handle the kind of snow cleaning I do? Yes, probably yes. By the way, the piece of machinery that remained second in my decision process when I finally bought my TC was a New Holland L175 skate. Unfortunately (?) I had problems tall with that unit. The newest version of the NH series “L” seems to have improved in this aspect, by the way.

Probably what I like most to do with the Toolcat is Segar and Arar. I have had an old Bobcat / Clark 732 (gas ~ 32hp) and a Bobcat S185 2004 mini-engine before this Toolcat 5600. The Toolcat can not lift as much or as high as the mini-engine, but the comfort of the cabin, driving, speed Maximum and the Toolcat versatility exceed those negative aspects for me. Another question is the traction … The minicargadores are not good at the mud and a toolcat is not a champion either, but I have noticed a remarkable improvement with the Toolcat, probably due to the greater between axles and the fact that you can rotate the Wheels to get out of the furrows.

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